The ‘Straight Talk’ Wood Chip Boiler Tour

A Practical Guide on the Ins & Outs, Pros & Cons and Whether it’s Right for You?

In this video you will:

  • Learn the benefits over propane, oil & wood
  • Understand how these boilers feed, clean & manage themselves
  • Take a tour of a working system
  • Identify the important parts of a good, safe system
  • Appreciate the realities of ownership
  • Know what to look for in a good system
  • Be able to determine if this is a good heating option for you

See a full list of the video topics and timestamps under the video below.

And of course, you can just reach out to us here if you have more questions!

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Video Topics & Timestamps:

0:00 Intro and Comparison to Oil, Propane & Wood Heating

2:12 Advantages of Wood Chip & Biomass Heating

3:00 Brief Overview of Automatic Feeding, Cleaning, 90%+ Efficiency, Internet-Connected Controls

Boiler Tour:

4:09 Bunker – Sizes, Run Time, Loading, How to Avoid Auger Jams

8:00 Feeding – Burn-Back Protection, Integrated Chip Cutters, Tips to Avoid Hassles

13:09 Burning – Automatic Ignition, How to Control Output & Efficiency

14:28 Cleaning – Automatic Ash Removal & Heat Exchanger Cleaning, Turbulence for Efficiency

16:55 Flue – Flue Gas Blower, Firebox Pressure Control

17:53 Control Panel – Visual, Unlimited Fuel Types, Oxygen Sensor, Remote Monitoring & Alarms

20:39 Summary of Durability, Reliability, Convenience, 40+ Years of Development

Realities of Ownership:

21:28 Boiler Size – What Size Boilers Make Sense Economically

22:23 Fuel – Best Fuels, Where to Get, Why Nails & Gravel are Okay, Limits on Fuel Size

24:42 Fuel Storage – Burning Wet Fuel, How to Dry it Fast

25:23 Bunker Loading – Loader, Forage Blower, Auger, Dump Truck

26:25 Space for Boiler – Must be Inside, Shipping Container Option

26:41 Minimal (Not Zero) Attention – Realities of Time Required

Final Words:

27:21 Summary of Benefits, Connect with Us & Our Customers to Learn More